Fitting in fitness in an already hectic lifestyle is all about balance. I know easier said than done...

With all the adulting that has to be managed it can be difficult to find a consistent slot of time to dedicate to your personal health and wellness. That being said...

THE 7 DAY CORE CHALLENGE is geared for the busy professional, parent, student, traveler that wants to find that every day balance in their fitness journey while being able to know....LIFE. 

Here are ALL the reasons this challenge will help you get back on track: 

  • Flexible, intense workouts for the busy professional
  • A comprehensive guide on how to strengthen and define your core muscles.
  • Simple, basic video tutorials that break down each exercise.
  • Workouts can be done at home, while commuting, on vacation etc.
  • Workouts vary from easy to difficult for each individual to pick the "just right" challenge for their daily routine
  • Workouts are supplemental to other workouts or can be used as standalone routines
  • 7 day schedule can be used as one week to 21 days sequentially
  • This challenge does not require equipment but equipment can be incorporated to increase intensity/challenge.

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Crista Strachan
Crista Strachan
Fitness Influencer

About the instructor

Hey thanks for visiting the Lit & Fit Gym!

Crista here. I'm an athlete, Fitness Blogger & Influencer and licensed Occupational Therapist.

I have been an athlete since I was 13 years old on the international stage and collegiate levels. I started my love for blogging more than 5 years ago and l'm dedicated to giving simple solutions to real-life problems for busy professionals that want to stick to their fitness goals.

My goal via online courses is to show and teach you, step by step how very POSSIBLE it is stay motivated and consistent with your own personal fitness journey. 

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